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In our day-to-day world of work, different attitudes, interests and working methods can lead to conflict. In most cases, those involved are able to resolve problems on their own; if they fail, however, they have the chance to consult one of several institutions established by the University of Vienna.


In order to provide you with an overview of these institutions, we have listed all of them below, together with a direct link to the respective website.


All the texts published on the Arbitration Commission’s website have been carefully appraised. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Arbitration Commission cannot be held liable should any of these texts, whether totally or partially, not be correct, complete or up-to-date (disclaimer of liability on the part of the Arbitration Commission). Although the links to other websites have been carefully selected, the Arbitration Commission has no influence on their respective content and cannot therefore be held responsible for the latter.




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